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On April 17, 2014
Last modified:October 9, 2014


WhatsMySERP is a great starter serp tracking tool for bloggers and website owners.

whatsmyserp review

WhatsMySerp is a free site that includes advanced SEO tools including a bulk, on-demand, and safe SERP checker which easily and quickly checks the top 300 SERP results for your website ranking, for up to 25 keywords at a time, with a single button click.

WhatsMySerp Features

  • Quickly checks the top 300 SERP results for multiple keywords
  • Automatically saves your inputs and results
  • Advanced editing with drag/drop features
  • Tracks Current, Previous, and Best SERP position so you can track your performance
  • On-Page SEO checks for your keyword in titles and descriptions
  • Detailed results can be reviewed without having to re-query saving you a lot of time
  • Ability to export your inputs and results to CSV/Excel
  • Over 50 Regional Google domains to choose from, so you can see how you rank in your target country
  • Ability to add three competing domains, so you can quickly see where you rank against your common competitors
  • Input the exact monthly search numbers for each keyword from Google Adwords so you can easily see how important each search term is

WhatsMySerp Benefits

  • It’s 100% Free
  • Web based so no software to install
  • Tracks Previous and Current rankings to see how fast your rankings are increasing
  • Shows beautiful charts to use on other websites and forums
  • Allows you to download your Excel sheet for uploading to Google Drive
  • Tracks up to 350 keywords (plenty for most websites)

Things I Don’t Like

  • The user interface is ugly
  • Doesn’t have printable PDF reports for clients
  • Lacks bulk serp tracker upload features
  • Only tracks 350 keywords max
  • Doesn’t have real time email alerts
  • Doesn’t track Yahoo! and Bing rankings

Overall, WhatsMySerp is a great free online serp tracking tool that gets the job done. It just simply works. No extra bells or whistles.

WhatsMySERP is a great starter serp tracking tool for bloggers and website owners.