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On April 17, 2014
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Serpbook is the world's best serp tracker tool for monitoring your keyword position rankings in Google, Yahoo! and Bing,

In this Serpbook review, you will learn why Serpbook is the #1 best serp tracker tool and why I use it for my websites and client’s SEO purposes.

Please watch my video review of Serpbook to look inside my account and see all the cool features:

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Whether you’re a beginner SEO or seasoned SEO veteran with multiple clients, you know how important (and profitable) high keyword website rankings in Google, Yahoo!, and Bing are.

Most SEO’s simply place their target keywords then manually go to Google to see where their website is ranking. It’s okay in the beginning, but you probably have multiple sites, keywords and clients that need to be managed.

You want to be able to visualize over time how link building, guest posting, blog commenting, forum signature links, RSS submissions, and other various SEO strategy effect your keyword rankings in Google. Luckily, SERPbook allows you to track hundreds of Google SERP rankings using their state of the art SEO rank tracking tool.

In this Serpbook review, you will learn how Serpbook works, why you should use it and how to easily track all your most important keywords in Google.

What is SerpBook?

SerpBook is a powerful SERP rank tracking tool for SEO webmasters and firms. There is no software to download and everything is hosted online. I’m going to walk you through how to use SerpBook easily to achieve higher SERPs for your most important keywords in Google, Yahoo! and Bing.

First, create some categories to organize your keywords and websites. Once you create a category, you can do the following things with your SERP keyword tracking:

  • Share the viewkey to grant access to your staff, friends, or clients so they can view the rankings without editing anything
  • Export the keyword data as a PDF
  • Export as Excel file .CSV

As we dig deeper into the category, you have your keywords organized by:

  • Google Pagerank (PR)
  • Google SERP
  • Yahoo! SERP
  • Bing SERP
  • Number of Backlinks pointing your your URLS
  • Google broad monthly searches

Your rankings are clearly sorted by Day, Week, and Month to show changes in SERPs over time.

If you want local SEO rankings, then enter your zip code to get localized rankings.

Why is SerpBook better than Free or Traditional Rank Tracking Methods?

If you use free SERP tracker or check your rankings manually, then you will experience a few problems:

Monitoring the success of your SEO campaign

If you have a limited SEO budget, then you cannot afford to spend money on SEO tactics that fail to bring results. You need positive ROI out of each SEO tactics you use or you will soon spend lots of money and time on optimizing your websites with little to no changes in rankings.

SERPbook lets you see exactly how each SEO strategy effects your rankings in real time. Whether you submit a guest post to a popular website or build a private blog network, you will see exactly which method caused a boost (or drop) in search engine rankings.

You cannot improve what you don’t track. SERPbook gives you a starting point and you can tell right away what’s working and what’s not.

Limited Reporting to Your Clients

If you operate a SEO consulting business or firm and have clients, then you really need to provide your paying customers with detailed reports showing how your service improves their SERP and increases traffic to their websites. It’s really easy to send your clients professional looking data without spending a fortune.

One of the biggest mistakes SEO firms make is failing to understand why your client pays you in the first place. Your clients only care about their business. That’s it. They don’t want false promises or cluttered looking emails with their monthly campaign results.

Use the white label PDF export function to send your clients a detailed report with beautiful charts that show your services are working well. Charts showing rankings improvements will not only keep your clients happy, but bring in new clients via word of mouth and viral marketing.

Automate Your Rank Checking Duties and Save Time

Time management is really important in SEO because everyone gets the same 24 hours. It’s how you use these hours that counts. Stop wasting time manually performing tasks that can be automated. I love logging into SerpBook and quickly checking the rankings of multiple websites and keywords in just minutes.

Think about how much time it takes to Google each keyword then scroll through dozens of SERPs to check ranking of your website. Sometimes, your Google SERP rankings is 100+ and will take you a few minutes to locate just 1 keyword. This is poor use of your time and will cost you money, traffic and clients in the future.

SerpBook shows your Google SERP position whether it’s #1 or 257. It’s fun to quickly check search rankings that took hours to check manually.

Live Demo of SerpBook Account

Here’s what SerpBook looks like once you subscribe for a paid account and get underneath the hood

SerpBook Pricing

How Much Does SerpBook Cost? Is It Free?

SerpBook is a professional SERP rank tracker that comes with a SerpBook free trial for new users. It’s a monthly subscription service and costs based on how many keywords you need to track.

Click to enlarge Serpbook pricing

I use the Basic package ($9.95 per month) and it allows me to track the most important keywords on my websites. Basic is more than enough for most small business SEO or webmasters.

If you own an SEO agency or firm, then you probably need to much bigger plan to track your clients. I recommend the Professional plan ($29.97 monthly) for most SEO agencies and you can always upgrade in the future.

Free SerpBook Alternative

If you’re just getting started in SEO and need to keep your costs down, then I recommend using this decent free SerpBook alternative:

It’s very basic and lets you track keywords on Google, Yahoo! and Bing. Best of all, it’s free. It’s good enough to get you started then I recommend upgrading once you start making more money. It’s a decent alternative to Serpbook.

If you are considering switching from SerpFox to Serpbook, then read my article: SerpBook vs SerpFox.

SerpBook Competitors

There are several Serpbook competitors including: SerpFox and SerpBuddy.

My Personal Experience with SerpBook

SerpBook is a game changer and it really gives me insight on what SEO methods work and don’t work. Using SerpBook, I realized that building high PR backlinks through private blog networks, 301 redirecting expired domain names and guest blogging showed the biggest increase in rankings. I can make any little SEO change and see immediately whether it works or not.

Not only did my own websites gain more traffic, but I was able to help 2 clients boost their rankings in Google as well. Adding my client’s website and keywords to SerpBook takes literally seconds and adds a small but scalable income stream to my online business.

Every big company (Walmart, Best Buy, Facebook) uses search engine position checker tools like SerpBook to monitor their SEO campaigns. It’s a must if you want to stay competitive. That’s why I think SerpBook could be one of the smartest investments in the long term success of your business.

Serpbook Scam? Is Serpbook Legit?

I’ve been using Serpbook for over 1 year and have had zero problems with their service. They only bill the amount you agree to pay and you may cancel your account at any time. There are no scammy rebills or any other problems.

Is Serpbook Accurate?

Yes. I have found the results to be accrurate 95% of the time. If I see a Google dance, then I usually don’t have any worries. Whenever you see a large decrease in rankings, I know I either got hit with a penalty or something is wrong with my site. Serpbook is great for warning you before something happens to your sites.

SerpBook Coupon Code

Enter “trial” for 50% off the first month’s subscription.

If you’re ready to track your most important keywords in Google, Yahoo! and Bing, then use the coupon code “trial” to get 50% discount off your first month’s subscription.

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Serpbook is the world's best serp tracker tool for monitoring your keyword position rankings in Google, Yahoo! and Bing,