SerpBook vs SerpFox: Which Is Better?

serpbook vs serpfox

SerpBook and SerpFox are two of the more popular SERP keyword checker tools on the internet. If you need to choose between one of them, then check out our comparison of the services and pricing to see which tool is best for you and your needs.

Want to find out which tool wins the Serpbook vs Serpfox matchup? Here’s what I found out about the two online serp trackers.


Both services offer keyword tracking for multiple domains and keyword grouping by category.

One big difference is SerpBook tracks keywords in Google, Yahoo! and Bing while SerpFox only tracks rankings in Google.

Both services show beautiful SERP charts to visualize your rankings but SerpBook also lets you export your charts via PDF and Excel files. SerpFox only supports Excel .CSV files.

Both services have automated updates when your rankings change via email.

SerpBook allows local SEO keyword tracking by entering your postal of zip code. SerpFox doesn’t have this feature.

Client Reports

SerpBook is hands down much better for clients because they have a whitelabel reporting feature. You can display your company logo and description on tracking reports you send to your clients. SerpFox doesn’t offer this feature.


SerpBook has an excellent track record for real time updating rankings and updates.

When researching this article, I found many forum threads that complained SerpFox went days without updating their rankings. It seems like SerpBook is a larger company and keeps more accurate rankings for its customers.


The comparison chart below shows the monthly pricing for SerpBook and SerpFox based on how many keywords you need to track.

Track up to:SerpBookSerpFox
50 keywords$9.95$10
100 keywords$19.97$24
200 keywords$29.97$24
500 keywords$44.97$55
1000 keywords$79.97$99
2000 keywords$159.95$99
5000 keywords$329.95$200

Both services offer paid monthly subscriptions to track your keywords/domains.

If you need a basic 50 keyword package, then both SerpBook and SerpFox offer around the same price of $10 monthly. The good thing about SerpBook is you get to track your keywords in all 3 major search engines plus get extra reporting features for the same price.

SerpBook only becomes more expensive if you want to track over 2,000+ keywords for your domains. Unless you are a large firm or agency, SerpBook is a better value for your money.

Our Recommendation

After comparing both services, I recommend SerpBook as the best search position ranking tracker for your needs. It’s cheaper than SerpFox and a better buy.