What is Serp Tracking?

SO what exactly is Serp tracking and why is it necessary to improve your website rankings in Google?

First, let’s cover the definition of SERP.

What Does SERP Mean?

SERP stands for search engine results page and it represents the organic listings shown on any Google, Yahoo! or Bing web search.

what is serp tracking

Most people usually enter a keyword then search for their website to check their rankings. This is all done manually and very time consuming if you have lots of keywords to manage.

Serp Tracking: Track Your Keyword Positions Automatically

With SERP tracking, you enter your keywords and domain into an online serp tracker to handle this automatically. Every day, the tool will check your current rankings and show you exactly where your website ranks in the top 300 rankings.

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Why Is This Important?

Google and the other search engines are constantly changing the SERPs to show the best webpages to their visitors. The #1 result in Google gets 60% of the traffic so it’s important to focus on obtaining that #1 rankings if you want to maximize your website traffic and conversions.

Tracking your rankings allow you to test different marketing and link building strategies to see how you can improve over time. It also saves you time and give you real time data on whether you are moving forward or backwards in your SEO efforts.

Check out our top free online serp trackers to find which tool is best for your needs.