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Simple All-In-One SEO Tool Gives You a Powerful “Do-It-Yourself” Way to Rank on the First Page of Google!

If you have an online business that depends on search engine traffic… here’s an unfair advantage for ranking your site higher than competitors while also increasing your traffic & sales!

According to a recent study… the first page of Google receives 95% of all web traffic!

After the first page? Those pages combined receive 5% or LESS less of TOTAL traffic.

Simply put, if you’re not on the first page of Google, it’s as if your site and business don’t exist for those people searching for you. Because 95% of them will NEVER click to the 2nd page.

Even ranking in the top 3 spots on the first page of Google can be a business-changer!

And the fact is, organic search is THE highest source of revenue for almost every industry.

Most businesses know that the higher you rank on Google, the easier customers and prospects can find your site. It’s why higher rankings are crucial for making sales and beating your competition

This is why MANY businesses spend a LOT of money for paid traffic like Adwords or Facebook ads. They know how much it’s worth to get visitors to their site.

Because of the importance of getting a page 1 ranking on Google… many business owners will spend a TON of money hiring a big SEO company to TRY and help them move up in Google’s rankings. I say “try” because the honest truth is… these huge SEO companies no longer have the upper hand when it comes to ranking tools and SEO.

In fact, I’m going to show you how YOU can have the same SEO power as large companies have… enjoying a “do-it-yourself” way to rank on page one of Google!

See, before now, you’d need a dozen expensive and complicated SEO tools you had to use separately. One tool to check for broken links. One tool to check on making sure your tags are set up right. One tool to scour the web for mention of your business and company. What a pain in the rear to have a dozen different SEO tools if you were going to do it yourself.

But Now, There’s a BETTER Option…

In fact, I’ll show you the fastest, easiest, and more affordable way to get higher rankings on Google. Even better, you can use it to handle your own SEO and outrank those large corporate SEO companies who charge clients $10,000!

With this simple tool, you can see EXACTLY what it takes to rank your site higher. You have all the tools you need, in ONE exact place, to monitor, track, and improve your rankings. You’ll see where you’re missing out on opportunities, what mistakes you’re making with your site, and how your competitors are doing. With that information, you can fix mistakes, improve your positions, and even use your competitors rankings to YOUR own advantage!

You can fix what’s wrong and do more of what’s working. In a short time, you can get higher rankings by doing it yourself…

Without the High Costs of Corporate Companies or Dozens of Separate SEO Tools!

Thankfully, SEOcrawler is the ONE simple “do it yourself” SEO tool that helps you check your site’s rankings and gives you ALL the tools you need to improve and get higher rankings.

That’s right, you can rank higher on Google… even reach #1, and do it all yourself.

You can scope out the competition and beat them by ranking higher for the same keywords.

You can use SEOcrawler to automatically focus on the 20% of factors that return 80% of your ranking results. And since this “do it yourself” tool is affordable and focuses on the the ranking factors that matter… you have a fast, easy, cost-effective way to do your own SEO… saving thousands!

Increase Your Google Rank Yourself

With this do-it-yourself SEO tool, you can handle your site’s SEO needs yourself, which means you don’t have to spend money on big companies.

See, when you KNOW specifics such as where you’re ranking now, where your competitors are ranking, and how to improve YOUR rank on Google… you can take steps to do it.

After all… what gets measured and tracked can then be IMPROVED! Otherwise you’re just guessing. And it’s expensive and time-consuming to guess. With this all-in-one SEO tool I’m going to show you…you’ll know where you rank, how to improve it, and how to beat your competition. And you no longer need a dozen separate, expensive SEO tools or subscription services. You certainly don’t need huge corporations.

With these tools, you have everything you need, all in one place, so you have an easy “do it yourself” way to rank on the first page of Google. Whether it’s by adding keywords, making sure your meta-tags are set up right, or making sure you’ve got important back links…

This Simple Tool Helps You Rank Higher on Google so You DOMINATE your Niche for FREE Traffic

What if you knew EXACTLY what to fix, change, or delete so you rank higher? Well, now you CAN get higher rankings and more traffic because I’m going to show you how to get ALL of the important information you need to know.

Believe me, getting your site on the first page of Google’s free results is THE most important thing you can do to get traffic and sales! Because with higher rankings, you’ll have more potential prospects seeing your site. Organic, free traffic has been shown to lead to sales at a higher rate than other traffic. Not only could you increase sales and revenue with better rankings… you could scale back the amount you spend on paid traffic, if you want since you’ll be enjoying higher rankings and more free traffic.

You can either put that extra savings right back in your pocket or invest in other marketing.

So, if you want the easiest way to increase Google rankings, traffic, and sales… beating your competition in the process…

Your SEO Secret Weapon!

Hi, my name is Clayton Johnson and I’ve been a search engine optimization expert for a DECADE now.

I’ve spent years studying the ever changing algorithms of Google. Based on YEARS of experience reverse engineering top sites… I’ve been able to find the 20% of important ranking factors that account for 80% of results!

Back when I started, I used to do all of my SEO by hand. Sure, it was worth it because I’d see higher rankings because of it. But when I started working for clients and helping others rank their sites higher, I soon found myself having to buy dozens of different tools to get the information I needed in order to rank my site and my clients’ sites better.

It got expensive buying all of these different tools. And frankly, it also became a pain trying to keep track of them all and have them all running at once.

Although no one outside of Google KNOWS for sure what ranking factors matter most, I’ve been able to reverse engineer top ranked sites and find out they ALL have things in common.

These are things YOU can use yourself to rank higher up on Google. And by using the 80/20 principle… I’ve been able to create a single “all-in-one” SEO tool that focuses your time, effort, and resources on the few ranking factors that really matter.

In other words, what I’m about to share will automatically focus your efforts on the 20% of SEO that gives you 80% of your rankings! I know this 80/20 approach works with SEO because I’ve applied it to several sites and have seen organic traffic grow by huge amounts.

Want to Rank Consistently Higher on Google? Measure and Track Important Factors Like On-Page Optimization

If you’d like to see your site rank on the first page of Google so you beat your competition and attract more customers and sales… let me show you how to make the SEO process of tracking and tweaking easier, faster, and more convenient.

By taking an 80/20 approach to Search Engine Optimization… you have the ability to focus on the most important part of higher rankings. Things like On-page Optimization, Trusted Authoritative Backlinks, your site speed, and more. If your site is slow, you have little chance of ranking high. Of if you have no links, you have little chance of ranking.

So, there are things you can do to improve your site’s position in Google’s search rankings. Things like adding important keywords, creating clickable titles, incoming links, and on-page optimization that YOU have control over.

Like I mentioned, in the past, on-page optimization required LOTS of technical expertise and lots of tools and resources. I just knew there had to be an easier way to get all of the SEO information I needed, all in one place, under one platform. Since there wasn’t an all-in-one SEO tool that helped you track rankings, monitor conversions and research your competitors… I created one!

Introducing the SEOcrawler All-in-One SEO Platform


With the information I had learned over a decade of SEO, I built a special tool that makes the entire process of analyzing your site for SEO simple, fool-proof, and much easier. It’s called SEOcrawler and this “all-in-one” SEO tool gives you the data you need to improve and monitor your rankings across any search engine.

With the built-in rank tracker… you don’t need to pay for a separate rank tracking subscription.

Rather than having to check your Google Analytics account… you can integrate it with SEOcrawler to monitor your site ALL within ONE program and ONE dashboard.

Combining dozens of tools into one program saves you a ton of time, money, and effort! This new tool that can be your unfair advantage when it comes to ranking higher than the competition. Better yet, you no longer have to use a dozen different tools like I did.

Now you can find out HOW you’re ranking and what to do if you’re not ranking as high up as you want. When you know the most important ranking factors and track those…

Eliminate the Technical and Time-Consuming Stuff

And you no longer have to wonder what needs changing. This simple tool shows you ALL on-page ranking factors of your site and how they measure up (or don’t). It’s a simple way to find, rank, and fix what matters most when determining your search engine rankings… so you can improve them without needing technical know-how.

This software makes it easy to get the data needed to improve your search engine rankings and make more money. With it, you can bridge the gap between where you ARE and where you want to rank. SEOcrawler brings you from Point A to Point B… which is higher rankings.

For example, having backlinks from high authority sites is a proven method for ranking higher in search engines. Links matter because links build authority. Since trusted, quality backlinks are hard to get and can’t be easily manipulated with “tricks”, Google thinks of you as important and ranks your site higher. Without them, your site has a slim chance of ranking.

SEOcrawler is a fast, simple way to get quality links, boost your SEO, and get higher rankings. It’s an easier way to do your own SEO so you rank higher.

Unlike when you either had to hire someone else to take care of it all for you or you needed a dozen different tools and subscriptions… this simple tool simplifies SEO and makes it so you can do it yourself. This secret weapon can help you increase your sales and profits because SEOcrawler allows you to focus on tracking and fixing things that matter to search engines.

Over 5,000 websites, businesses, SEOs experts, and agencies are using it to optimize their sites and get higher rankings from Google.

In a very short time… SEOcrawler can help you move up the ranks in Google. When you’re on the first page of Google and your prospects can find you before your competition…. you can increase your monthly sales, profits, and cash flow. The extra revenue, sales, and profits that you get from higher rankings on Google can literally transform your business overnight.

That’s Why SEOcrawler is effective…

You don’t have to deal with huge corporate companies who charge you an arm and a leg. So if you want to get a ton of targeted, responsive FREE traffic to your site so you grow your sales and profits, that’s where SEOcrawler wins, hands down.

Since it helps you track, measure and monitor WHERE you are… you’ll know EXACTLY what needs to be changed, fixed, or improved in order for search engines to rank you higher.

You don’t need a ton of different SEO tools that add up and become expensive. You don’t need to spend hours a week manually tracking and monitoring your rankings. You don’t need to guess what needs to be fixed or changed.

Imagine how many more sales you could make if you know exactly where you ranked, what you needed to change or fix, and you didn’t have to guess? Imagine how much money you can make if you’re found at the top of Google? Imagine your customers going to Google, typing in the product or service you offer and finding your site at the top! Imagine what a Page One ranking for your important keywords could do for sales, revenue, and profit?

Or, if your competition ranks higher for certain keywords that are also profitable for you. Copy them and know what’s needed so you’re found on top of Google for those same keywords!

If you’re ready to get your site on the top of Google so your business is seen FIRST by potential customers… this simple all-in-one tool gives you everything you need for high rankings. I’m sure it can help you rank higher on Google for your money keywords, ahead of competitors because you’re no longer guessing about ranking factors!

What is the price of NOT being found on page 1? What’s the price of your competition getting more traffic? With page 1 rankings on Google, you can get 10, 20, even 50 TIMES the traffic.

Rank Your Site Higher When Using SEOcrawler

Without a doubt, SEO tools that get you higher rankings is a great investment for your business. SEOcrawler can help you move up the ranks in Google so sales and profits come in fast. And you could save thousands of dollars on paid traffic and put that extra cash back in your pocket. Instead of dealing with the cost, hassle, and frustration of using dozens of tools to track and measure rankings… SEOcrawler does it all for you in one simple platform. You’ll never find a faster, easier way to get better rankings and more traffic to your site.

Look, knowing how to improve Google search rankings can be a mystery to many business owners. But now, the mystery is solved because all of the important data will be right there, in front of you, so you can take the needed actions to help your site rank higher.

You don’t have to be an SEO expert to optimize your site. With SEOcrawler, you can get just as much search engine traffic as you would using expensive agencies.

Actually, there’s no reason you can’t do BETTER and get more. This simple “do it yourself” SEO platform helps you measure and improve your rankings on Google so you can stay one step ahead of your competitors. You’ll leave them behind!

Who Needs SEOcrawler?

If you’re an online business owner, in-house SEO consultant, freelancer, online marketer, digital marketing agency, or you have a site you want ranked higher on Google… SEOcrawler SHOULD be used.

It’s for any business, large or small, that has an online presence. This tool can help ANY website rank higher in the search engines… faster and easier without needing a bunch of different SEO tools or any expensive agency.

SEOcrawler works with any type of site and gives you an all-in-one platform to monitor rankings and rank changes, check onsite errors, analyze backlinks that can help boost rankings, check how you rank compared to competitors, and more.

Track Your Rank on Any Search Engine

Rank Tracker tracks your rankings and shows you detailed information about your keywords.

Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, Google Maps, Google Mobile, you name it… you can check and monitor your ranking on ANY search engine.

Use it to track daily changes to your paid ads, search volume, trends and result history. By having this information handy, you understand what’s going on with your rankings based on the keywords you’re ranking for (or not ranking for). At a glance, you can make decisions faster and easier.

When you know the position of each of your important money keywords, you can target your efforts towards improving the most important. Change or correct your strategy, analyze your current keywords, track your competitors.

Here’s Just a Few Things You Can Do With SEOcrawler

DAILY RANK TRACKING– Keep tabs on your rankings quickly and easily. With everything you need in one place and “at a glance” easy, make decisions fast… before your competition.

FREE RANKING UPDATES- Want to check your rankings in real-time? Just click the “Update” button and “presto”… there they are. Whether you click “update” or not, your ranking data will be updated on a daily basis.

COMPREHENSIVE KEYWORDS DATA- Retrieve important data like search volume, Cost-Per-Click, total results and more. When you know your metrics, you can make decisions faster and easier.

LOCAL RANK TRACKING- Easily track your rankings for any location you need. Track rankings for any country, any city and any language.

DATA COMPARISON- See the changes, get insights on your projects’ performance by comparing ranking data of any two selected dates.

KEYWORDS TAGS- Tag and track any keywords, especially your important money keywords buyers type into Google. By keeping track of important, “money keywords”… you’ll be able to tell which ones need improving and which ones are doing fine. Again, what you track can be measured and what’s measured can be improved. You CAN’T improve what you don’t track.

SERP HISTORY, ADS AND SNIPPETS- keep SERP snapshots, paid ads and snippet data of keywords for any day.

SITE AUDITOR- With just one click, you can check onsite errors that could lower your rankings. Analyze page speed, find & remove duplicate tags, and identify duplicate content. Check broken links and find and fix or eliminate on-page errors of your site… all of which can negatively affect your ranks. Improve your on-page optimization to avoid ranking drops caused by technical errors. Checking your page load time because anything more than a few seconds of loading time could cause you to lose a significant amount of web traffic.

BACKLINK EXPLORER- If you’re trying to rank for competitive keywords… the number of links is one the most important factors for determining your rank. Now you can keep track of your backlink profile in REAL TIME. Find links to boost your rankings, keep an eye on new backlinks. This helps you to find where and when you get new backlinks, what resources reference your site and what your overall backlinks profile is. You can get a full list of your site’s backlinks along with useful metrics and data.

LINK MANAGER- Organize Link Building- Bad links hurt your site’s ranking. That’s why it’s important to know which links are harmful to your site so you can remove them. Check for unhealthy links with SEOcrawler. Once you identify bad links, you can eliminate them so they don’t negatively affect your rankings. SEOcrawler helps you analyze inbound links to your site so you can control and organize all backlink work. It shows the number of links that directly or indirectly affect your Google ranking. Get the important data for your links such as trust, citation flow, & domain authority. The link manager organizes all of your linkbuilding.

COMPETITORS INSPECTION– Track how you stand against your competitors so you can have a competitive advantage. Actually, more like an unfair advantage! Once you see where your competition ranks, you can reverse engineer and beat them for keywords you’re trying to rank for. You can find your competitors and track their traffic, rankings and visibility so you’re always one step ahead in the rankings! Understand what your competitors are doing, what amount of traffic they have and compare your rankings to theirs. Research your competitors’ activity as well as use their best techniques for your own benefits.

WEBSITE ANALYTICS- Measure & Improve Conversions- Integrate SEOcrawler with Google Analytics to monitor your site’s real-time data, scheduled reports, traffic & conversion reports. This makes it a snap to watch data from Google Analytics at a glance. It helps you detect strong and weak points of your site! Website Analytics helps you understand who your visitors are, their behavior while visiting your site, how they got there and what the most popular pages of your site are You can easily receive traffic and conversion reports directly to your inbox, find weak pages, modify them and boost your rankings, traffic and conversions.

BRAND MONITOR- Find Who’s Talking About You- Track your brand mentions across the web and social networks. Web research, Social Media research, custom keywords scan, link checker, and more… this nifty resource tracks your brand and any mention of your site all over the Web and social networks. Keep an eye on how your customers feel about your brand. You can track where and when users discuss your brand, what resources are referencing to your brand and where you can turn citations to active backlinks. It helps you respond to users fast, request active backlinks from authors, and contact a dissatisfied customer. Instead of waiting to be hit blindsided by a bad review on Yelp or other review site, you’ll know when your brand is being discussed so you can nip a problems or bad press before it gets out and seen.

WHITE LABEL- Create Your Own Brand of SEOcrawler All-in-one Tool- Do you have SEO clients? Use your own brand and subdomain with a custom logo and description. Send out custom branded reports and provide your own whitelabel dashboard.

SEO Has NEVER Been Faster, Easier, or More affordable

Again, SEOcrawler can be used by any business of any size who wants to know exactly what on-page SEO changes to make to improve your rankings. SEOcrawler gives you one all in one resource and stable platform you can use to monitor rankings and track ranking changes, check onsite errors, analyze backlinks that boost rankings, monitor brand mentions to engage with promoters or customers, and to check how you stand against your competitors.

Use SEOcrawler to fix any issues and your search engine ranking should increase. You need to track vital metrics of your site to find out what other factors need improving.

SEOcrawler covers the most important metrics to track and measure. It can be your secret weapon when it comes to seeing where your site ranks in search engines for certain terms… so you can then improve and optimize. SEOcrawler can be your unfair advantage since it gives you dozens of ways to improve Google rankings.

Again, if people are on Google searching for your keyword terms you use, these folks are probably searching for a solution that they can buy. If you’re in the e-commerce industry, you’ll know what keywords convert well. You can’t improve something if you don’t track it. If you’re not familiar with the factors that give you higher rankings, your site will decline in the ranks… which can be very expensive.

What you measure and track can be improved upon. SEOcrawler can give you the ranking factors that matter most, all in ONE spot, so you can focus on those. This saves you a significant amount of time as well as money, since you can focus on the most important metrics. You’ll see everything “at a glance” and make changes if there are any issues.

SEOcrawler Tracks the Ranking Factors that Matter

Everything from content, key words, links, how long visitors stay on your pages and more when it comes to deciding where to rank your site. This makes it easy to find out where you rank and what you can do to rank highly.

SEO is constantly changing and it can be tough to keep up with. But it’s a must if you want to get the financial rewards that come from more people finding your site and buying.

The KEY is to be able to find the important ranking factors faster and easier, so you can improve them yourself. And with SEOcrawler, all of the important tracking and ranking features are now available in a single tool and platform. So use SEOcrawler to outsmart and outrank your competition.

Believe it or not, you have the same power the HUGE SEO corporations have, but you don’t have to pay their enormous fees. Now you have a way to automate these important factors… saving hours upon hours, as well as lots of money since you don’t need different tools or subscriptions.

It works on any computer, tablet, and mobile phone as long as you have internet access and a web browser. You don’t have to worry about spending thousands of dollars on expensive SEO companies. You don’t need any technical skill at all.

No Risk, No Cost, No Obligation!

Whether you own a site that needs higher ranks and more traffic or you’re an SEO consultant or agency… use SEOcrawler to get the most important data that helps your site rank higher.

If you want to improve your Google rank with a simple, do it yourself tool… try SEOcrawler for FREE right now. That’s right, it’s completely free to try. That’s how confident I am that you’ll love it. If you’re serious about higher Google ranks which could boost your sales while saving thousands on ad costs…give it a free try.