Top Free Online SERP Trackers

With all the different free online serp trackers, you are probably trying to figure out which ones are worth using. If you ever decide to use a paid solution, we recommend Serpbook. Check out our Serpbook review for more information.

I have tested and researched dozens of free rank trackers and finally came up with a list of the top SERP trackers. Also check out our article on best bulk serp checkers.

1. WhatsMySerp

WhatsMySerp is an amazing free Google serp tracker that lets you track up to 350 keywords for at no cost. You can add up to 14 domains with 25 keywords each for a total of 350 keywords.

Why I like WhatsMySerp?

It offers all the basic tracking features for most website and business owners. It’s easy to add keywords then start tracking your rankings. You can also export your rankings via CSV/excel file.

When I first started tracking my rankings, WhatsMySerp saved me a lot of time. Plus, I could track my competitors and analyze how they were doing.

Another huge benefit is the ability to track another Google region like Google UK, Google AU and Google India. If you want to focus on a different international market, then it’s easy to track rankings.

For a detailed review, read my Whatsmyserp review.

2. Serplab

Serplab is another newer but quickly improving serp tool that monitors Google rankings. Using Serpbots, Serplab checks around 600 keywords per day on average but there is a “heavy user” plan available for just $4.99 per month.

Why I Like SerpLab?

SerpLab has a great web 2.0 feel to the tool and has similar features to many paid online serp tracker tools like SerpBook and SerpFox.

It’s easy to add keywords and track your keywords with beautiful monthly and weekly charts. You can track competitors keywords as well.

Another cool benefit is SerpLab checks your keywords every 8 hours so you know about huge rankings drops/increases ASAP.

For a detailed review, read my SerpLab Review.